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Garden panic


With DS2 having a surprisingly good sleep I’m now flitting between all my various jobs for today – one of which is just the minor one of redesigning the garden. The landscape guy is booked to come in just a few weeks, and although we have a broad idea of what we want I am very aware that we’ve no details planned at all and the whole thing, basically, risks looking totally crapola.

So this is going to be a key focus over the next few weeks, with the help of:

  • a) John Brookes book ‘smallgarden‘. He has a handy step by step guide which is great for people like me who like cutting up paper
  • b) my gorgeous friend and keen gardener Jo’s help: her ideas for our garden are here
  • c) Alan Titchmarsh – yes, I know – who in a garden designing guide wrote: “Remember that mistakes can always be rectified. This is not life and death.”

Just remember that Kate. Not Life and Death.

Thankfully, on the opening page of J Brooke’s book (aka the Bible), he has a picture of something that works as a reasonable template for what we want to do. Even down to the bench round the tree..!