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12 days to go. And fed up.


This is partly to do with the tedium of sleeping first on one side (trying to bias towards the left), and then eventually when hips start hurting, lumbering over to the right, and then feeling the baby readjust itself, and then rolling into the middle of our prehistoric bed, and then either getting too hot, or too cold, and then having a nightmare featuring an exboyfriend, which always makes me feel fed up and cross for the rest of the day.

It’s also to do with having an email from one of my best clients late last night who just wasn’t happy, and now having to sort that today (but it’s 9.55am and I clearly haven’t put on my work cap just yet.)

And a general malaise left over from yesterday, after dinner the day before with a friend whose business is now turning over £3m. Whereas my most recent accounts showed £3k. For the uninitiated, the difference between the letters ‘m’ and ‘k’ in this context is 1,000.

And BF and I can’t agree on carpet colour for the bedroom; he wants something bright and exciting; I want something neutral and sophisticated. It’s a big space so this is a bit of a once in a lifetime decision. I think I’m going to have to resort to polling friends on Facebook to get a critical mass behind my argument. 

And we are overdrawn again, mostly due to extortionate decorating charges.

And BF remarked this morning over breakfast (with me in my dressing gown) how “astonishingly beautiful” one of the BBC presenters was who was being reviewed in the paper (he’d met her once in a lift). I’m sure she is (and he did caveat it by saying that she wasn’t very nice), but more irritatingly in this housebound role I have I don’t even have much opportunity now to come across astonishingly gorgeous people with which to counter his comments. When I was swanning around the streets of Londinium in days gone by there were all manner of possibilities for having Deep and Meaningful glances with highly attractive males, but when the postman’s typically the only chap I see all day now (and he is not a looker), I’m definitely on the losing side in this department.

Is it too early for elevenses? I need some chocolate…