I once played that game where we had to choose what sort of animal we’d be. After much thought, I decided I’d be a penguin. BUT A LION INSIDE. So I suppose I have been roaring incognito for most of my life.

Now I’ve hit my roaring forties, I might let that lion come out a bit. On the other hand I might just slide around on my front a bit longer. A lifetime diet of krill would probably do me good.

PS More prosaically I’m a new 40-something based in Berkshire, England, with a partner, children, mother and a business. Much like a gazillion other bloggers. I run a number of other blogs but this is one’s more for me. As basically my handwriting is so rubbish, and time is so short, I’ve finally abandoned diary-writing. I have almost 30 years’ worth of dog-eared books under my bed, filled with illegible scrawl, the odd ink blot, pressed flowers, love letters and tear-splodges; but they’re pretty hopeless at accommodating hyperlinks, YouTube clips, and snaps from the iPhone.

So here we are; Roaring Kate, my diary 2.0.

PPS If you’re getting  a weird sense of déjà vu, that’s because this blog was once The Roaring Forties. Only I kept forgetting my own domain name. You’re not going mad.


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