Adidas 5k run. Or rather walk. Or actually shuffle… The roaring race report.


A super day today roaring into London for the Adidas 5k walk/run/shuffle as part of the Donna Ida team raising money for Jeans for Genes (it’s not too late to donate here!). I knew it was all going to be alright once I hit the M4, the sun was shining, and I ended up getting a perfect parking spot just off Exhibition Road. Such small things…

I was bound up by multiple sports bras and pushing DS2 in a buggy and I knew I was never going to break any records; but as I mosied on down to the section of ‘runners’ anticipating taking more than 35mins to do 5k the sheer enormity of the task at hand hit me. 9,000 women between me and the finish line. I’d almost been embarrassed to ask people to sponsor me as 5k is such a trivial distance to anyone who runs, but now at least I know I’ve earned the money.

Suffice it to say, the next hour and a quarter consisted of:

  • crawling along with the buggy, nipping at the heels of the slowcoaches ahead (I did apologise, but come on; pick up the pace just a wee bit, please!),
  • waves of gloom at seeing people who’d already finished walking by (please direct them somewhere else; it’s NOT an incentive),
  • exhilaration at finding some space to accelerate (until I took a speed bump too fast and woke up a sleeping DS2)
  • holding back tears when I read some of the stories and dedications on t-shirts (especially of people who were raising money for baby charities, such as Sands, as I strode by with my lovely healthy baby boy), and
  • a sudden wave of panic as I found myself hemmed in by a posse of Breast Cancer girls and a hallucinogenic (Rainbow Trust?) caterpillar.

And then I got back to the team tent, and realised out of everyone there, the DS2 and I had come last.

Taking into account the time it took to even get to the start line, we’d completed the course in 55 minutes. The winner took 15.

However I fretted not! We were supplied with free food and drink, the sun had stayed shining, and there had been lots of lovely chatting. We’ve raised almost £34,000. And despite not even breaking a sweat, my legs are killing me. So SOME good must have been done!


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