September house help from Livingetc


I know how I work; browse, dream, turn down page corners, and then the magazine slides under the sofa and that’s the end of that until it’s rediscovered a year later, trends are moving on, and I have to trawl through it all over again. I Do Not Have time for that! And we need to get the house finished by Christmas. To avoid a nervous breakdown.

So, officially, this is What I Like from this month’s issue of Livingetc:

  • Log holders from Chesneys for our fireside
  • Gorgeous dragonfly mural from John Lewis (though disappointed by the other design options. We’ve enough maps already in the house thank you very much).
  • Grey. In the bedroom. We’ve so far just painted the whole house white. But I am, oooh, missing some colour (and so going a bit overboard in the boys’ room). But how classy does it look? (Rhetorical question; I’ll have to scan it in…)
  • Conran designing for M&S – looking forward to seeing it (RIP Habitat)
  • Bench from Another Country. If only it were for outdoors. Would be perfect on our porch for me to sit on slurping coffee monitoring DS1 on his scooter.
  • Mirrored panels on the bath. Although in actual fact what I think I’m really yearning for is a nice clean bathroom, with no rubber ducks spouting mouldy water.
  • Swedish designed oilcloth (god I love Scandi stuff) from 10-Gruppen. A somewhat expensive and lengthy way to get something to protect the table when DS1 is drawing (please can we just fast forward to the time when he can keep it on the paper?)
  • Cubit modular shelving system. While nothing could beat our house’s love of Vitsoe, this looks interesting (and I’ve spent more hours than I care to remember looking at shelving over the last year or so). I like it.

And finally a linocut by Paul Catherall coming up at the Affordable Art Fair in October. Colour, you see, I’m desperate for it. Even if it does come in the form of a powerstation in Chelsea.


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