10 minute treat.


How hopeless. This was supposed to take the place of a handwritten daily diary, instead of which it’s becoming as much of a chore as doing the laundry or paying the bills. And the more time passes, the more there is to record, and the longer it’ll take, and the faster I just get paralysed.

So while also updating my son’s blog, and downloading photos from the camera of his belated (yes, 3 mths’ late) Carol concert this afternoon, and checking emails, I’m treating myself back with my own blog, just to note for the record that:

  1. I really need to change theme as the thing looks so dour it doesn’t really make attending to it terribly creatively inspiring. [NB this has been addressed with the gorgeous Matala theme]
  2. I’m now 3.5 weeks into the post-partum life, and tomorrow is my first day looking after both boys without any help whatsoever. Accordingly I started today to try to instill some kind of routine (instead of non-stop feeding from 6am to 2pm, which wasn’t doing my humour or my bosoms any good), and with the diligent repeated shoving-in of a dummy, seem to be getting somewhere.
  3. I had 24 hours from hell last week with a false alarm on the baby’s temperature resulting in me having to spend the night on the paediatric ward at the local hospital, at one (very low) point, me dripping in tears (I just wanted to go home (as I wailed at a nurse)) and milk (it was literally spurting out all over the place from my glass-boulder-like bosoms), while holding my baby on my lap with his nappy off as I tried (in vain) to catch some urine for a sample in a plastic pot. In the end I only got that an hour later when I decided to change him and he decided to do a wee vertically, which fell over his face. I got one drop.
  4. Otherwise things have been going nottoobadly; the baby is a v sweet little chap; his sleeping, after the first few nights, is pretty good – at least better than DS1’s was. I like that opportunity to check Facebook or play Sudoku at 3am anyway. Only trying to update my blog on my iPhone using just my thumb to key an entry in is asking a bit too much, which is a shame as that’d be the ideal time.

I’m now past my self-allotted 10 minutes so back to finish the other jobs. I’m boring myself. I think I can safely say that I’m not quite at the stage where this blog is going to signal my rise to fame and fortune (Julie and Julia style). But that’s OK as it’s Not the Point. And anyway I desperately need to go to bed.

Over and out.


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