T-10; and achey tummy


Ended up squatting this evening on a bouncy ball as bambino moving very uncomfortably right down in pelvis, making sofa-sitting pretty unpleasant. Watched Tovarisch, I am not dead; obviously a very lightweight film just right for approaching (re-)motherhood. BF is now busy Googling it to try to tie up some of the loose ends.

Keep thinking, oh, that’s OK if we have the baby tonight as it’ll be all over (hopefully) by the time my own maternal relation comes back down her on Sunday. I just DREAD having her around while I’m having the baby; she would love it, but the fussing levels would reach outlandish proportions and make me so stressed I’d probably shut down completely. Ideally I’d just phone her up (or get BF to) and say, by the way, we’ve had it. Done deal.

Otherwise I spent most of today trying to get on top of my filing, working so industriously that I appear to have broken the shredder (at least it works but only in reverse, somewhat farcically. I wonder if I could feed things through from the bottom?) The office is now full of piles of paper, and is currently in that half way state where it is worse before it gets better.

I was despatched once again today to the carpet store to get samples of something neutral (my wish) but bold (his wish), and came back after a tedious period of time with something mid-greyish. It looked quite colourful close up but when on the floor was less appealing. That I suppose is one of the characteristics of grey. BF then went to go himself to make 3 choices from which I could pick but thankfully the shop had shut by the time he got there, meaning he’s now resigning himself to something from my selection, and hopefully (as long as he doesn’t change his mind overnight) it’ll be one of the first choices. The one actually endorsed by a neighbour, so that’s always a good sign.

Anyway off to bed now to contemplate aches in the tummy department.


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