Cream tea economics


Even I balk at £4.75 for a large stale scone and not enough jam.

Obviously scone turnover in February is not what it is during the summer (hence stale-ness). But why the jam pots are never generous enough I have no idea.

And the price is extortionate for what you get, but on the other hand, is there any interest for [the National Trust, in this case] in reducing its food prices? Would it affect demand? In this context, I think not much: people have already paid to enter the Trust property; they expect to pay extra for teas (et al), and I don’t believe there are hoards of people who’ve paid to come in to the grounds but who wouldn’t pay for tea if they wanted it. There’s always the odd bod who’s brought their own sandwiches, but not enough of them that reduced prices would encourage them to switch in a sufficient volume to bring extra profits to the Trust.

A bit of competition, that’s what we need…


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